Beautifying your Home With Nobel Carpets & Rugs: Your Best Interior Choice!

The difference between a house and a home depends on how comfortable you are inside. The feeling of a home should be such that you can relax both body and soul after a long tedious day, therefore “your home should be an escape point from the hassle of this world”.

Returning home after a long day’s work is always something to look forward to (for those who have a comfortable home to go back to), but it can also be a nightmare for those whose offices are better furnished (more comfortable) than their home; such people prefer to work over-time at their places of work and only wish to go home to sleep. But it shouldn’t be so!



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A cold unkempt floor can be a very big turn-off for visitors and acquaintants, so much effort should be made to give your home a colourful soft floor.

Carpets and rugs are often used interchangeably to mean the same thing but there are few differences.

Carpets and rugs are made from synthetic fibres such as polypropylene, nylon or polyester and are generally used to insulated the feet from cold tiles or concrete floor, making it possible for the one to sit on the floor (especially in a traditional Islamic home). They are also used to add colour and vibes to the a house.

 Carpets are floor covering that can cover and entire house, whereas rugs generally are not bigger than a single room. Rugs are not typically attached as part of the floor unlike carpets that are usually attached to cover the entire floor with the use of adhesives or nails.

 The task of interior design cannot be complete without a beautiful soft and smooth floor. It is not just enough to build a beautiful and expensive house, designing the interior to taste is what makes it a home. When it comes to interior decor, the floor cannot be neglected; this is where Nobel Carpets and Rugs comes in, but lets take a moment first to look at the producer of these award-winning products.


Giant in the game of interior décor, Nobel Carpets and Rugs are produced, marketed and distributed by Lucky Fibres Plc all over Nigeria and the entire African Continent.

When it comes to Quality products, Lucky Fibres Limited is a force to reckon with thanks to their over 26 years experience having started operation in 1989. This is a company that have stood the test of time, refusing to compromise quality for gains, no wonder they were awarded Africa’s Most Reliable Quality Carpets and Rugs Brand of the Year in 2015 by African Quality Achievement Award. The Company was also obtained ISO 9001-2004 Standard Certification in 2004 and ISO 14001-2004 certification in 2008.

Lucky Fibres Plc is not just a manufacturing company, it is a philanthropic organization. The company has over the years provided support to the needy including providing customized carpets (with English alphabets) and rugs to Hearts of Gold Children Hospice in 2015 to aid teaching and learning. The management and children could not hide their joy.


General Manager, Lucky Fibres, Mr. Jitesh Pamnani (left); Founder, Hearts of Gold Children Hospice, Mrs. Laja Adedoyin; Head, Business Development, BD Consult, Ms Tayo Azeez with children of Hearts of Gold Children Hospice

Aware of the threat of different manufacturing practices to the atmosphere, Lucky Fibres Plc has adopted commendable measures to reduce to the barest minimum the impact of their factory fumes and refuse to the atmosphere. In fact, a first time visitor might mistake the factory for a hotel as it is beautifully adorned with trees and ornamental plants.

These efforts did not go unnoticed as Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) showered on the company Best Kept Industrial Premises Award in 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2012. The company was also recognized by Standard Organization of Nigeria with NIS certification in 2006 among other plenteous awards. You can Click HERE to visit their official website


I have taken my time to give you a brief history of the makers of Africa’s best Carpets and rugs. This is because there a saying that “The snake will surely give birth to a snake-like creature”. So you can agree with me that a company with such excellent business acumen as Lucky Fibres Plc will only produce the best.

Nobel carpets and rugs are nature-friendly so they last long even in harsh environment. Many of us know that after washing some carpets or rugs, their beauty and colour tend to fade but not with Nobel Carpets and Rugs. They are ever-green that it’s hard to tell their age by merely looking at them.

These carpets and rugs are easy to maintain and blend in easily with existing decorations. You don’t need to repaint your apartment because you got a new rug or carpet, all you need to do is just walk into a Nobel Carpet and rugs depot or distributor shop and pick a colour and design that will blend into your existing decorations.

You have a choice when it comes to Nobel Carpets and Rugs because there exotic designs to choose from. For instance the following types of carpets are available in different colours and sizes:

Tufted carpets: These are wall to wall carpets which are produced through the process of tufting the yarn on the synthetic backing. Tufting is a mechanical process which involves creation of geometrical designs using different colored yarns. Majority of the products available in the Nigerian market are tufted carpets made from PP yarn.

Printed carpets: Printed carpets are wall to wall carpets which are produced through the chemical process of printing digitally created designs on white tufted carpets. Printed carpets are primarily made from nylon yarns.

Woven carpets: Woven carpets are produced through weaving, which differs from the tufting in the way the yarn is tied on the backing. Weaving allows for creation of non geometrical floral and oriental designs.

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How would you feel to see your own design on your carpet? What if I tell you that you can now put that your favourite portrait on your own carpet? Awesome, isn’t it? Yes, with Nobel Carpets and Rugs you can now order your own customized carpets and rugs with desired size and designs. First of its kind!

The most interesting thing about designing your interior with Nobel Carpets and Rugs is that you don’t need to worry about bad odour that often result from moisture under the carpet or rug. This is because Nobel Carpets and Rugs have inbuilt air refresher or if you like perfume. Is your mouth ajar in surprise? I remember when I worked near one of their distributor shops in Damaturu, I would always walk near the displayed rugs just to admire their beautiful designs and to perceive those sweet scents emanating from them. Childish you think? I bet you have never encountered something so enchanting. Buy from the best and save that money for constant air refreshers.

If you are in support of the campaign for patronage to Nigerian made goods you would be glad to know that Nobel Carpets and Rugs are PROUDLY MADE IN NIGERIA. Many people would doubt this because of the widespread belief that quality product are always imported. On the contrary Lucky Fibres Plc has proved that something good can come out of Nazareth! If you support the #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira campaign, go get yourself a rug or carpet from the nearest Nobel Carpets and Rugs shop- start somewhere

Another good thing about Nobel Carpets and Rugs is their nationwide coverage. With four mega depots and distributors all over the nation, Nobel Carpet and Rugs is your sure bet as you have the privilege of reaching out to them easily anytime anywhere. Remember they are also in Ghana.

No need to worry about the task of doing the job yourself as there are professionals ready to render impeccable service at the comfort of your home or office.

Don’t forget you can also be a distributor. Its easy, just reach out to them from the contacts below or visit their website HERE


N –Novaturient, Nature friendly!

O –Orenda of Interior décor, Our own!

B –Biophilia in nature, Best quality you can get!

E – Extraordinary, Excellence with affordability!

L – Longevity like no other!

Make the choice you wont regret!


  • Factory: Km 5, Itokin Road, Ikorodu, Lagos
  • Lagos: 44, Eric Moore Road, Surulere, Lagos Tel: +234 (0) 8055096696
  • Abuja: 2, Leventis Close, Central Area, Abuja Tel: +234 (0) 8152994111
  • Kano: 11, Ibrahim Taiwo Road, Kano Tel: +234 (0) 8055096693
  • Port Harcourt: 119, Trans Amadi Industrial Layout, Port Harcourt Tel: +234 (0) 8070513084
  • Accra, Ghana: 28/2, Sanyo Road, Heavy Industrial Area, Tema Tel: +233 (0) 577397873
  • Email:


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